Hormoz Immen is a multi-disciplinary innovator, musician, coder and artistic creator for the new digital renaissance. As a musician, under his Bitmarx moniker, Hormoz has shared the stage with Grammy award winning superstars, composed orchestral symphonies and made remixes that have rocked the dance floors worldwide.

Writing computer programs from childhood, his paintbrush is code: 'This is artistic expression of emotions through technology.' His visual art style is a combination of abstraction and expressionism combined with elements borrowed from glitch art scene and generative compositions. Creating large format, highly visible art pieces, his work have a unique detailed texture, resulted from complex neural networks and sophisticated AI algorithms often developed by himself.

As a “crypto-native” creator, Bitmarx likes to play with the concept of value and how value is perceived, defined and measured. He conducts experiments with the NFT medium in uncommon ways. Dividing up his work between slices of time, space and tokens he explores the meaning behind inclusivity and exclusivity of art pieces.

His latest work, AI DREAM is an ever-evolving project. Hormoz considers the time that was spent on creating these art pieces as the most important era of his life: The culmination of his entire body of work, passions and interests all coming together at a single moment in time.